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So, I have two YouTube Channels.

fawnover is a channel I started in December 2018.
The original goal of the channel was covering... things I "fawn"ed "over"
But that quickly turned into reviews of papers I wrote in high school, and some (meta) YouTube content about other YouTube content.

Sweet Dreams is a channel I started in February 2019 to cover the then upcoming PS4 game Dreams.

Please see below for the best examples of each channel.
This is the introductory video for Sweet Dreams, a channel dedicated to the then upcoming PS4 title Dreams.

This channel is the more tonally serious of the two, and requires the most research, planning, and editing.
This is the latest fawnover video: the third episode of Cringe Class, my series where I read an old school paper for the first time since writing it.

While these videos are meant to seem somewhat thrown together, they actually require a longer editing process than Sweet Dreams because of how many images are used, and to align the bar that highlights each line of the documents.

The older fawnover videos are fine examples of editing, but some use an older microphone that isn't the best. Please have a look at these older works, but bear that in mind.

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Both of these channels are on hiatus at the moment as IĀ focus on advocacy work, but they have brought a lot of joy to my life and helped me process a difficult time in my life.